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Making a Meal of It

Smart ways to buy, store and use up food

Jane Willcox, Rosemary Cadden

Making a Meal of It
What to do with that one sad carrot? Making a Meal of It is a guide to making the most of the food we feel guilty about throwing away.

Bursting with tips, ideas and recipes, this book tells you how to buy the best, keep it fresh, and make use of every bit - and, when you forget, how to restore and revive. The ideas are simple and flexible, from tasty solutions for last night's leftovers to easy recipes for a bulk buy or garden harvest.

Tuck in and make a meal of it. You'll save time and money, and a bit of the planet too.

Find out:
  • which everyday vegetable is healthier cooked than raw
  • what staple causes food poisoning in the home
  • why you shouldn't put a vase of flowers near the fruit bowl
  • why apes peel their bananas from the other end

Praise for Making a Meal of It:
'There's lots of good advice for storing food and plenty of yummy suggestions for leftovers for people who don't have compost or chooks.' - South Coast Register

'If you have been looking for a book that gets how we find ourselves with a motley collection of food somewhere between leftovers and overlooked, this is it.' - Christopher Bantick, Weekly Times

When Rosemary Cadden and Jane Willcox met 25 years ago, Rosemary was impersonating a haggis. Food has been a big part of their relationship ever since. They later shared their first meal when they found themselves sitting at the same table at a publicity junket while working as journalists for the Advertiser newspaper in Adelaide. Although they went in different directions Rosemary into media relations and Jane to Sydney and into television they have worked together on projects over the years, including the pilot for a TV series on cooking in Aboriginal communities.

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Category Food and Wine
Format Paperback
Size 230 x 170 mm
ISBN 9781862549135
Extent 240 pages
Price: AU$24.95 including GST
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