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Bold Palates

Australia's gastronomic heritage

Barbara Santich

Bold Palates
In Bold Palates Professor Barbara Santich describes how, from earliest colonial days, Australian cooks have improvised and invented, transforming and 'Australianising' foods and recipes from other countries, along the way laying the foundations of a distinctive food culture.

What makes the Australian barbecue characteristically Australian? Why are pumpkin scones an Australian icon? How did eating lamb become a patriotic gesture?

Bold Palates is lovingly researched and extensively illustrated. Barbara Santich helps us to a deeper understanding of Australian identity by examining the way we eat. Not simply a gastronomic history, her book is also a history of Australia and Australians.

Shortlisted for the 2013 Prime Minister's Literary Awards in the Non-fiction category

Praise for Bold Palates:
'Australia's leading culinary historian ... both a scholar and passionate practitioner of food writing.' - Professor Donna Lee Brien, Central Queensland University

'… lovingly researched and beautifully presented.' - Lambs' Ears and Honey

5 stars – The Gastronomer's Bookshelf

'A delight to the palate and a book to drool over ... destined to become a passed-down much loved family heirloom.' - Heather Stone, Bonzer, July 2012

'If you are Australian, then you need to have this book. It should be in the goodie bag of every newly-naturalised citizen, and required reading in schools.' - Sally Hammond, Food & Travel

'Bold Palates will have you not only on a learning curve about Aussie tucker but a great trail of reminiscing.' - Joanne Marsh, Chronicle, Toowoomba

'A candid history of Australia, Australians and our gastronomic inheritance ... this volume makes a positive and lasting contribution to a deeper understanding of the Australian identity and its expressions—through the way we eat!' - Rama Gaind, PS News

'Bold Palates packs in a huge amount of information but maintains a lively and highly readable style throughout. Thanks to Santich's meticulous research, we are all able to appreciate more fully the rich history of what we find on our plates and how it came to be there.' - Dr Darren Peacock, Trust News

'Bold Palates is one of those wonderful books that you can dip in and out of, like a recipe book ... an absolute treat for cookbook addicts!' - Maggie Tate, Global Media Post

'A visually impressive book ... a very enjoyable read.' - Dr Sian Supski, Journal of Australian Studies

Listen to Barbara Santich speak about Nineteenth-century appetites for Indigenous foods on Radio National's Big Ideas program

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Category Food and Wine
Format Hardback
Size 235 x 180 mm
ISBN 9781743050941
Extent 336 pages
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