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Divine Vegan Desserts

Lisa Fabry, Heidi Linehan

Divine Vegan Desserts
Divine Vegan Desserts aims to redeem the reputation of the dessert, proving that it can be beautiful, wholesome and delicious. All the desserts in the book are dairy and egg free, and therefore completely free of saturated fat and better for your health. There are also many recipes suitable for people following a gluten free or nut free diet. For those wishing to reduce their refined sugar intake, or to increase their consumption of natural, raw foods, there are many options too. This book is for anyone who wants to make the switch to a healthier lifestyle, without giving up the joy of dessert.

'Proof that a vegan diet can have plenty of indulgence in it. Divine Vegan Desserts is perfect for those who are interested in pursuing a healthier diet, but reluctant to give up on their sweet tooth.' – Amanda McInerney, Lambs’ Ears and Honey

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Lisa Fabry's two great passions in life - food and yoga - led her to the 'divine vegan' concept, a way of combining practical food choices with ethical, moral and spiritual awareness. Born in London, Lisa now lives in Adelaide. She has worked as a film and television producer, writer, editor, barista, chef, and yoga teacher. In between times, she home educated her two daughters, and ran a vegan, organic cafe. You can visit Lisa Fabry at www.divinevegan.com.

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Category Food and Wine
Format Paperback
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ISBN 9781862549166
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