Launching BECOMING A BIRD by Stephanie Radok

becoming a Bird by Stephanie Radok

Our brand-new event series, the Saturday Soirees, continued in March with the launching by Kay Lawrence of Stephanie Radok’s Becoming a Bird: Untold stories about art.

Our laneway was once again filled with eager punters and supporters of Stephanie’s collection of meditative stories. And, as a special treat, our bookshop was also graced with a small collection of Stephanie’s Spend More Time Listening to Birds Suite. One of the etchings from the collection features as the cover for this beautiful new collection.

Today, we are thrilled to be publishing launcher Kay Lawrence’s speech for all to enjoy.

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Cath Kenneally's Southern Oscillation Index

At the first of our new afternoon event series, Saturday Soirees, the Wakefield Press laneway was filled with merry makers for the launch of The Southern Oscillation Index by Cath Kenneally.

Launched by Linda Barwick, Emeritus Professor of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and Emceed by Wakefield Press’ fearless leader Michael Bollen, the launch was a wonderful way to start the series.

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We are thrilled to be publishing Linda Barwick’s wonderful launch speech for all to enjoy.

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HIDDEN HISTORIES: Causing a stir with Arcadian Adelaide

Hidden HistoriesIn this third installment of Hidden Histories, we travel back in time to 1905 Adelaide, when Scottish-born actress and satirical writer Thistle Anderson first published Arcadian Adelaide to quite a stir in sleepy Adelaide.

Published again in 2020 for a modern audience, this hilarious little volume, intended by its author as ‘a playful skit’, is to be taken with a pinch of salt … or perhaps savoured, stubbornly, with a glass of excellent Adelaide wine.

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Launching THE FEELING OF BIGNESS by Helen Parsons

The Feeling of Bigness: Encountering Georgia O'Keeffe

When Adelaide’s quasi-lockdown hit in mid-November, the launching of Helen Parsons’ The Feeling of Bigness: Encountering Georgia O’Keeffe was momentarily put on hold. We were so thrilled to be able to have a rescheduled launch in early December.

Launched by Jan Owen, and Emceed by Louise Nicholas, the launch was held on the beautiful grounds of St John’s church on Halifax Street, on a balmy evening befitting Helen’s gorgeous poems.

We are delighted to be publishing Jan Owen’s launch speech from the evening here for all to enjoy.

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HIDDEN HISTORIES: Medieval recipes for today with food historian Barbara Santich

Hidden HistoriesIn this second installment of Hidden Histories, we are traveling back in time to discover The Original Mediterranean Cuisine and delve into the recipes (and food culture) of medieval times.

Acclaimed culinary historian Barbara Santich tells the story of authentic medieval Mediterranean food, and brings to the table recipes translated and adapted for modern kitchens from fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Italian and Catalan manuscripts.

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HIDDEN HISTORIES: Ivan Polyukhvoich’s case to answer

In the first instalment of our new series, Hidden Histories, intern Reem Ernst, recent Law graduate, takes a look at the shocking trial of Ivan Polyukhovich in Adelaide in 1990.

Written by journalist David Bevan, and based on his observations as a court reporter, court transcripts and witness statements,.A Case to Answer serves as a record of an astounding case in legal history both in Australia and the world.

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New Non-Fiction for 2021: Endo Days by Libby Trainor Parker

We’re delighted to officially announce the acquisition of world rights to Libby Trainor Parker’s debut book, with the working title of Endo Days: Life, Love and Laughs with Endometriosis, which Wakefield Press will publish in 2021.

One in ten people in Australia are living with endometriosis and countless others are supporting them, caring for them, championing various treatments and being impacted by this incurable condition. Endo Days is a look at the stories of those within the endo community, as told to journalist and educator Libby Trainor Parker, who was diagnosed with endometriosis aged thirty-six, and has dedicated the past seven years to finding the lighter side of chronic illness. Endo Days is a frank, often funny and honest memoir told in a narrative journalism style, with Libby’s own story as the central narrative, drawing on interviews with others with endometriosis (both women, men and non-binary), their partners – male and female, doctors and specialists, researchers and the wider endo community. 

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BEHIND THE BOOK: Valerie Volk and her search for Anna

In a new series on the Wakefield Press blog, we’ve asked authors to write about the background, inspiration, research and work that goes into writing a book.

This week, Valerie Volk writes about her search for her distant relative Anna Werner, who in 1889 left the German town of Lewin to search for her son in the distant colonies of Australia. This search culminated in Valerie’s novel, In Search of Anna, a story that Valerie describes as a journey book, historical fiction, a study of motherhood, a detective novel, and a romantic tale all rolled into one.

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BEHIND THE BOOK: Anne Black on George Isaacs

Anne Black, George Isaacs and Pendragon

In a new series on the Wakefield Press blog, we’ve asked authors to write about the background, inspiration, research and work that goes into writing a book.

This week features Anne Black, author of Pendragon: The life of George Isaacs, Colonial wordsmith. Anne writes about her first encounter with little-known literary icon George Isaacs, and the death certificate that sparked an obsession and a biography.

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POETRY SPOTLIGHT: ‘The Calling’ by Geoff Goodfellow

Geoff Goodfellow, Waltzing with Jack DancerThis week, the poetry spotlight shines once again on award-winning poet Geoff Goodfellow. This week’s poem comes from Waltzing with Jack Dancer: A slow dance with cancer. The collection was written by Geoff in the aftermath of his diagnosis with throat cancer, and chronicles his experiences with treatment, hospitals, and the Big C.

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