POETRY SPOTLIGHT: ‘Selling Yourself’ by Peter Bakowski and Ken Bolton

This week’s spotlight once again shines on Peter Bakowski and Ken Bolton’s tandem collection Nearly Lunch, this time highlighting the poem ‘Selling Yourself’.

‘A spectrum of individuals, from the naive to the kind, caustic to the stoic, to those who suggest other ways of being – either hopeful, philosophical, grateful or resigned – pleased, though, all of them, that it’s NEARLY LUNCH.’ – Cover blurb

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POETRY SPOTLIGHT: ‘Farewell to a Colleague’ by Julian Zytnik

This week’s spotlight shines on an early volume in the Friendly Street series, Friendly Street New Poets 5.

Working in the Wakefield bookstore, with hundreds of books laid out before me, I am often in the position to judge the books by their covers, searching for the most interesting looking ones to flick through and sometimes (often) buy. The cover image (shown above) was why I picked this particular book off the shelf, and I was surprised to find that Wakefield’s own Jonny Inverarity had designed it!

In this week’s poetry spotlight, I’ve chosen to feature ‘Farewell to a Colleague’ by Julian Zytnik.

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POETRY SPOTLIGHT: ‘In the Room with the She Wolf’ by Jelena Dinić

This week’s spotlight shines on the award-winning poetry collection by Jelena Dinić, In the Room with the She Wolf.

Following this week’s announcement that Jelena Dinić has won the Mary Gilmore Award, it seems fitting we resume our Poetry Spotlight series by focusing on her startling debut collection.

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POETRY SPOTLIGHT: ‘Marta Saulnier’ by Peter Bakowski and Ken Bolton

Poetry Spotlight: Nearly Lunch

Our spotlight shines on a new poetry collection by Peter Bakowski and Ken Bolton, Nearly Lunch.

Fresh off the press, Nearly Lunch is another collaboration from these two poets, after their previous Elsewhere Variations (also published by Wakefield Press), which is a companion volume.

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Cath Kenneally's Southern Oscillation Index

At the first of our new afternoon event series, Saturday Soirees, the Wakefield Press laneway was filled with merry makers for the launch of The Southern Oscillation Index by Cath Kenneally.

Launched by Linda Barwick, Emeritus Professor of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and Emceed by Wakefield Press’ fearless leader Michael Bollen, the launch was a wonderful way to start the series.

Find out about future editions of the Saturday Soirees series by subscribing to our newsletter here.

We are thrilled to be publishing Linda Barwick’s wonderful launch speech for all to enjoy.

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POETRY SPOTLIGHT: ‘Copley Street’ by Geoff Goodfellow

Preparing for Business, Geoff Goodfellow

This week’s spotlight shines on a new poetry collection by Geoff Goodfellow, Preparing for Business.

Award-winning poet Geoff Goodfellow is back with another vivid, affecting, laconically dark-witted collection that pulls no punches as it masterfully chronicles Australian life.

As always, Geoff delivers a series of brilliantly captured portraits of working-class life, from the street scenes of formerly industrial Port Adelaide and his home suburb of Semaphore, with its heightened blend of affluence and poverty, to his fearless inhabitations of teenagers beset by home lives that feature domestic violence and addiction.

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POETRY SPOTLIGHT: ‘Endless Summer’ by Cath Kenneally

Poetry Spotlight: Cath Kenneally's Southern Oscillation Index

This week’s poetry spotlight shines on Cath Kenneally’s new poetry collection, The Southern Oscillation Index.

These poems reflect on travel, on staying at home, on the passing of time, and on our afflicted world. Both tough and gentle, nostalgic and sharply political, Kenneally’s work is enlivened by flashes of gallows humour.

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Launching THE FEELING OF BIGNESS by Helen Parsons

The Feeling of Bigness: Encountering Georgia O'Keeffe

When Adelaide’s quasi-lockdown hit in mid-November, the launching of Helen Parsons’ The Feeling of Bigness: Encountering Georgia O’Keeffe was momentarily put on hold. We were so thrilled to be able to have a rescheduled launch in early December.

Launched by Jan Owen, and Emceed by Louise Nicholas, the launch was held on the beautiful grounds of St John’s church on Halifax Street, on a balmy evening befitting Helen’s gorgeous poems.

We are delighted to be publishing Jan Owen’s launch speech from the evening here for all to enjoy.

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POETRY SPOTLIGHT: ‘When she washes her hair’ by Steve Brock

Live at Mr Jake's by Steve Brock

This week, we shine the spotlight on Steve Brock’s poetry collection, Live at Mr Jake’s.

Relaxed and laconic, Live at Mr Jake’s riffs on a mix of highbrow and popular culture references. Accessible yet literary, this collection celebrates a diversity of voices from Australia and beyond. Spanning four continents, the poems are equally at home in the front bar as they are on the literary trail in Paris or San Francisco. Cool and understated, Brock surfs the cultural interstices of the Latin American influences on his life and work to create a poetic vision transpacific in scope.

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POETRY SPOTLIGHT: ‘Blessing’ by Helen Parsons

Feeling of Bigness, Helen Parsons

This week, we shine the poetry spotlight on Helen Parsons’ new collection, The Feeling of Bigness: Georgia O’Keeffe sonnets. The sonnets in the collection draw inspiration from Georgia O’Keeffe’s art and life, and her love for the big open spaces – the ‘feeling of bigness’ – that New Mexico offered her.

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