Wakefield Press is an independent book publishing company based in Adelaide, South Australia.

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The titles listed below are currently available as ebooks, with many more on the way.

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101 Nights
A Royal Murder
Arms for Adonis
Ash Rain
Avenue of Eternal Peace
Beat Not the Bones
Big Rough Stones
Black Dust Dancing
Dining Alone
Ecstasy Lake
End of the Night Girl
Forever Shores
Gatherers and Hunters
Here Where We Live
Hill of Grace
Hunger Town
Incredible Floridas
Innocent Murder
Jetty Road
Like New Wine
Mallee Boys
Man of the Moment
Memoirs of a Suburban Girl
Murder at The Fortnight
Murder by Manuscript
Never a True Word
Not the Same Sky
Paper Nautilus
Passion Play
Poking Seaweed with a Stick and Running Away from the Smell
Prohibited Zone
The Beachcomber's Wife
The Colour of Kerosene
The Day They Shot Edward
The First Week
The Fourth Season
The Goddamn Bus of Happiness
The Hands
The Heaven I Swallowed
The Hounded
The Noon Lady of Towitta
The Popeye Murder
The Profilist
The Trojan Dog
The White Tower
They Hosed Them Out
Time's Long Ruin
Underground Road



And My Heart Crumples LIke a Coke Can
Opening the Windows to Catch the Sea Breeze
Tadpoles in the Torrens
When They Came for You
Workshopping the Heart



A Brief Take on the Australian Novel
A Case to Answer
Aiming High
Amore and Amaretti
An Opening
An Unsentimental Bloke
Behind the Veil
Behind the Wall
Bold Palates
Bound for Vietnam
Breaking the Boundaries
Chequered Lives
Chinese Whispers
Clay Gully
Colouring the Rainbow
Dark Dreams
Dear Grandpa, Why?
Divine Vegan Desserts
Don Dunstan, Intimacy and Liberty
Dune is a Four-letter Word
Encountering Terra Australis
Europe @ 2.4 km/h
Exploring Wild Law
Finding Santana
First Things First
From Burma to Myanmar
Great Central State
Green Australia
Holden Days
Images of the Interior
Is This the Way to Madagascar?
Karrawirra Parri
Last Bed on Earth
Living and Loving in Diversity
Llama for Lunch
Looking for Flavour
Lost in Laos
Love's Obsession
Making a Meal of It
Mezze to Milk Tart
Mothers in ARMS
Mug Shots
No Place Like Home
Now in Remission
Ochre and Rust
On a Clare Day
On Being a Minister
One Bowl Allergy Free Baking
One Common Enemy
One Magic Square
Our Fathers Cleared the Bush
Out of the Silence
Outside the Magic Square
Peat Island
Places Women Make
Plein Airs and Graces
Quiet City
Red Professor
Red Silk
Sex, Knives and Bouillabaisse
Sharks, the Sea and Me
Slow Boat to Mongolia
State of South Australia: Turbulent Times
Temples and Tuk Tuks
The Boys from St Francis
The Case for Palestine
The Diggers' Doctor
The Engaging State
The Fierce Country
The Long Way Home
The Sensible Sleep Solution
The Silent Showman
The Vanished Land
Tom Price
Turning Points
Veg In
Waltzing with Jack Dancer
Wild Whiskers and Tender Tales
Wild Asparagus, Wild Strawberries
Wine, Terroir and Climate Change
Wizard of Oz
Wotan's Daughter