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Speak Up, Reach Out

A life to reckon with

Graham F. Smith

Speak Up, Reach Out
Graham Smith's memoir is a microcosm of Australian politics and society at a particularly volatile time, seen through the eyes of a storyteller who was both compassionate and analytical.

The Second World War, the Korean and Vietnam wars, the political, economic and social upheavals of postwar Australia, and Sir Robert Menzies' (failed) attempt to outlaw the Communist Party of Australia - Graham lived through these events and made influential contributions to them all. He was involved in and committed to the struggles of the marginalised and impoverished - as a communist in mid-twentieth-century Australia he became one of the marginalised. But, as Barbara Pocock has said in her contribution, he 'was never a hater. Always a builder, and much more likely to meet division with humour than criticism.'

Speak Up, Reach Out does not provide answers to the petty discriminations that Graham experienced; rather it details the achievements of a profoundly dignified and humble man who refused to be defined by the hostile environment in which he found himself.

Praise for Speak Up, Reach Out:
'The book reveals a man of high principle whose early death was only a tragedy but presented the end of an era in left politics' - Steve Acton, AEU Journal SA

'A good read for comrades who lived the times and lessons to be debated for new comrades, labour historians, unionists, educators and the general public.' - Chris White

Graham Smith was born into a middle-class family in Port Lincoln in 1924. After serving in the Australian Army in 1942 he joined the Communist Party and spent his life fighting to remedy what he saw as society's ills. Father of five children, he died in 1989.
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