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State of South Australia

Turbulent times

John Spoehr

State of South Australia
We are living in turbulent times. The Global Financial Crisis has generated great social and economic hardship which looks set to persist well into this decade. While the United States limps towards recovery, Europe remains locked in a deep crisis from which escape is unlikely if growth stifling austerity policies prevail.

While South Australia has weathered the economic storm relatively well it has not been immune to the crisis - tax revenue has declined sharply; key mining projects have been scaled down, delayed or shelved; trade exposed sectors like manufacturing, higher education and tourism are struggling and unemployment is on the rise. These problems are likely to persist until economic conditions (and policies settings) improve significantly in the United States and Europe.

State of South Australia: Turbulent times provides timely expert insights into a range of great social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges.

'This is an opportune publication, which gives an overview of state policy making in turbulent times and so helps us understand the challenges that all South Australians face and which leaders will be best able to handle those challenges.' - Maggie Tate, Global Media Post

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ISBN 9781743052594
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