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Imitation of Life

A visual catalogue of the 19th century fruit models in the Santos Museum of Economic Botany in the Adelaide Botanic Garden

Tony Kanellos

Imitation of Life
This sumptuously illustrated book from the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide features 192 apples and 129 pears - presented as an album of portraits - of the many fruits suggested for cultivation in South Australia during the 1860s-1890s. Stunning photography captures the life-like detail of this intriguing papier-mache model collection. Showcasing a lost art form and lost fruit varieties, Imitation of Life details the fascinating story of this rare German model collection. Adelaide's collection is one of the largest collections to survive and the only one known to exist outside of Europe. After spending 60 years in storage the collection has been reinstated to the permanent display of the Santos Museum of Economic Botany - one of Adelaide's lesser known treasures.

Winner of the 2014 Museums Australia Publication Design Award

Tony Kanellos is Cultural Collections Manager and Curator of the Santos Museum of Economic Botany. Since joining the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide in 2004, Tony has been involved in the restoration and refurbishment of the Museum of Economic Botany, the publication of its story and its collection, and the revival of the exhibition program. He was also the coordinator of the effort that saw the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, under the direction of Stephen Forbes, become the first institution outside of the United States to gain accreditation by the American Association of Museums (now known as the American Alliance of Museums).
Format Hardback
Size 245 x 250 mm
ISBN 9780980702163
Extent 384 pages
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