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God's Donkey

Sister Mary Theodore and the story of Mithra

Peter Gale

God's Donkey
'... what you need is a lot of love.' - Sister Mary Theodore OAM

'The medals and honours awarded to Sister Mary Theodore during the later years of her long life testify to the importance of her work with the poorest and most desperate children of Madras - or Chennai, as this colonial garden city is these days known. But they don't tell you who this woman was, and why she is so remembered and loved. What she gave up, and at what cost. What drove her. How wonderful, then, to have this collection of personal accounts to provide a deeper picture of this remarkable, beautiful Australian soul who lives in the hearts of all who met her.' - Jennifer Byrne

'I first met Sister Mary Theodore in 2005 and knew that she was different. I subsequently made many visits to Mithra and saw the work of this gifted, driven and simple Australian. It was work that gave children back their lives and crucially a sense of dignity. The inspiration and energy behind the creation and growth of Mithra must not be allowed to dissipate. Australians are in one sense the heirs of Sister Mary Theodore. The others are the children of Mithra.' - John McCarthy, Australian High Commissioner to India 2004-2009

'As a collection of stories and images this book tells the Mithra story through many different eyes and voices. It is a personal history of the life of Sister Mary Theodore and Mithra. Each story illustrates something different that reflects the connections between people, experiences that bridge traditional barriers, bringing people together across cultures, religions, nations, ages, and people with disabilities. The life of Sister Theodore and the stories throughout this book highlight the special relationship that has developed between India and Australia through the life of Sister Mary Theodore and her 61 years in India.' - Dr Peter Gale

Praise for God's Donkey:
'The book which is supported by numerous photographs and testimonials, serves a multitude of purposes - a biography of a unique individual, a history of an inspiring institution and those who have lived and worked there, a means to advertise the institution so that donations are made (and books sold), and a philosophical study of what it means to be human.' - Maggie Tate, Global Media Post

'An inspiring story.' - Rama Gaind, PS News

Dr Peter Gale is a researcher and lecturer at the University of South Australia in the David Unaipon College of Indigenous Education and Research. He has published in academic journals and edited publications on a wide range of topics, including reconciliation, immigration, multiculturalism, asylum seekers policy, racism, Australian politics and the media. His first book on The Politics of Fear was published in 2005. He has also been involved with Mithra and other aid and development projects through Australind Childrens Fund over the past thirty years and as President of Australind Childrens Fund since 1998.

Format Hardback
Size 210 x 148 mm
ISBN 9781743052914
Extent 176 pages
Price: AU$29.95 including GST
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