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A Wild Kind of Tune

Miriel Lenore

A Wild Kind of Tune
The title of this poetry narrative - A Wild Kind of Tune - captures perfectly the imaginative journey into the poignant psycho-geography of Miriel Lenore's maternal great-grandmother, Caroline. In a wild tale arcing from 1845 to the present, in poetry underpinned by meticulous research, we inhabit settler society with all its attendant joys, hardship and grief as we careen with Caroline through her journey of love, loss and horror into madness.

The use of the actual medical records from late nineteenth century Asylums for the Insane (Gladesville and Kenmore) is chilling in the extreme; the rendering of these facts into a narrative of sensitive family history a partial redemption, a heartfelt honouring, of Caroline's bitter life. Lenore has made an important literary contribution to our understanding of the mistreatment of the mentally ill, especially women, in Australia's history.

- Biff Ward, author of In My Mother's Hands

From her days as a botanist, to her years at an agricultural school in Fiji, to her passion for Australian rock art, Miriel Lenore has been working away at questions of ecology and place. Her poetry is also deeply grounded in her experience as a feminist, mother, grandmother and pioneer of a different sort.

This is Miriel Lenore's seventh book of poetry, and the third volume in her Grandmothers trilogy, following the success of Drums and Bonnets and The Dog Rock. As in the earlier volumes, Miriel continues to explore the heart-breaking questions of the white settler story: where is home, how do we live here?

Miriel Lenore lives in Adelaide.
Format Paperback
Size 210 x 140 mm
ISBN 9781743053706
Extent 80 pages
Price: AU$19.95 including GST
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