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Never a True Word - ebook: pdf

Michael McGuire

Never a True Word - ebook: pdf
Politics - it's a place for shiny people with ugly souls. As a journalist Jack thought he'd met every shade of nutter, narcissist and bully to be found. But then he took a job in politics and discovered he'd only scratched the surface. Even better, it's Jack's job to maintain the pretence that all is normal, that our political masters have everyone's best interests at heart, that politics is not just a collection of attention-seeking egomaniacs looking for somewhere to park their character defects.

Yes, Jack is a political spin doctor. His new boss, Ray Sloan, is terrifying - and that's on his good days - and his former friends in the media regard him as a turncoat and a traitor. Elections, budgets and blackmail - it's all part of the bizarre world Jack now finds himself in.

If you are looking for a tale to reaffirm your faith in democracy, this probably isn't the one.

Praise for Never a True Word:
'The chief attraction of Never a True Word is McGuire's sharp observation, especially of the toxic personalities and Machiavellian minds involved in backroom politics in the era of 24/7 media coverage ... McGuire's political insiders are funny, recognisable and all-too-real.' - Cameron Woodhead, Sydney Morning Herald

'Journalist McGuire swaps reportage for fiction in this fast-paced yarn about the symbiotic relationship between politics and the media.' - Diana Carroll, Advertiser

'Anyone who has had to wield a pencil in a cold hall more than a few times and whose eyes are open to the subterfuge of politics and media reporting will probably enjoy the 'naughty' truths that are revealed.' - Carolyn Hull, ReadPlus

'Topical and entertaining ... McGuire is spot-on about the chasm between what the government knows and what journalists find out. ... This is a political novel for our times ... a clever, robust first novel.' - Stephen Romei, Australian

'It is clever and revealing and a great gift for somebody with an interest in politics or human behaviour ... An interesting book that should be read for a ‘not-so-accurate’ view of the democratic process and for an old-fashioned belly laugh as well.' - Ian Lipke, Queensland Reviewers Collective

'This book is perfect for those Canberrans who miss the carryings-on of Parliament over the long summer break ...Witty, insightful and scaringly [sic] believable!' - Jeff Popple, Canberra Weekly

Award-winning journalist Michael McGuire has worked for more than twenty years at the Australian in Sydney, and the Adelaide Advertiser where he is now senior writer. He has also dabbled in state and federal politics. Michael is married to Rachel and they have two children, Tom and Ruby. Never a True Word is his first novel.
Format Ebook: PDF
Size 210 x 140 mm
ISBN 9781743054833
Extent 240 pages
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