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Miss Marryat's Circle

A not so distant past

Cheryl Williss

Miss Marryat's Circle
In 1915, the second year of the Great War, Mabel Marryat - granddaughter of South Australia's first colonial chaplain Charles Howard - joined the newly formed League of Loyal Women. Mabel was active in the League's emergency corps, 'women who are prepared to give their service in any need that may arise'. It wasn't long before Mabel was appointed Honorary Supervisor of the Red Cross Depot at the Keswick Military Hospital: No. 7 AGH. After the war, the hospital was renamed RGH Keswick. Here Mabel stayed for 30 years.

This book gives voice to the women of South Australia's first 110 years of European settlement and opportunity to reflect on the changing position of women in society. But the spotlight shines on Mabel. Her long and devoted community service - particularly to her 'Diggers' - was extraordinary.

This story is for the women of Australia - women just like Mabel - who, quietly, do the extraordinary.

Praise for Miss Marryat's Circle:
'Gives a voice to the women of South Australia’s first hundred years of European settlement and an opportunity to reflect on the changing position of women in a male dominated society.' - Nic Klaassen, Flinders Ranges Research

'A comprehensive and well-researched exploration of the role of women in South Australian history.' - Georgina Banfield, Tulpa Magazine

Cheryl Williss grew up in the Adelaide beachside suburb of Brighton and now lives on a semi-rural property in the Adelaide Hills. Cheryl is sixth-generation South Australian with several families arriving in the first three years of colonial settlement. She has long held a keen interest in South Australia's social history, particularly women's history and the untold stories. She is the author of The Pioneers Association of South Australia: The first 80 years and a regular contributor to that association's quarterly journal, The Pioneer.
Format Paperback
Size 210 x 140 mm
ISBN 9781743055519
Extent 336 pages
Price: AU$39.95 including GST
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