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The People's Poet Transformed

Geoff Goodfellow, Rebecca Bond

The People's Poet Transformed
'The People's Poet Transformed is a gem of a book positioned beautifully to engage young people with language so that they see how powerful literature can be created out of everyday life, deeply and sensitively observed. Road-tested by teachers, it encourages students to become creators of ideas and texts and to use language to transform both texts and their own view of themselves as people with stories worth hearing.' - Garry Costello, Former secondary principal, English teacher and Chief Education Officer for DECD, South Australia

'Geoff Goodfellow has been an outspoken voice in schools over many years, engaging thousands of students through his poems to think about contemporary issues with his honesty, passion and wit. This wonderful publication combines Geoff's powerful poetry and prose with Rebecca Bond's creative teaching practice to provide excellent approaches to the compulsory Transformation Task in the new SACE Stage 1 English course, as well as Stage 2 English Literary Studies.' - Alison Robertson, Pesident, South Australian Teachers' Association

'To see Geoff Goodfellow perform is to be caught up in vignettes of experience and observation that become dramatically real. Geoff's collaboration with educator Rebecca Bond is that rare find - an engaging and accessible text that actually works in the classroom. The People's Poet Transformed is worthy of immediate use by teachers and students; directly relevant to Senior English, Geoff's new book will quickly become a "go to" resource for those seeking inspiration for any transformative task.' - Richard Noone, Curriculum Leader English, Westminster School, South Australia

'Geoff Goodfellow knows all about transformation. His poetry unerringly conveys a multiplicity of profound messages to those from any place or background - important human messages of life, death, love, hate, despair, hope, sadness and joy, transformative emotions all. Maybe, just maybe, burrowing deep into this wonderful new book will assist you with your own incredible, life-affirming personal transformation! Let's open it and find out ...' - Lloyd Cook, English Senior, Geelong Grammar, Victoria

'Those familiar with Goodfellow's writing will know that his poems somehow manage the impressive balancing act of being both densely complex and immediately accessible ... The text is designed to be both teacher and student friendly, and it achieves this lofty goal quite successfully ... An added bonus of the text is its obvious adaptability. Bond's clever and creative transformation task ideas could be modified for use with a range of texts and year levels.' - Daniel Howard, EduTATE

'This is a book every Senior English teacher would find useful and would, I am sure, promote amongst their peers. Goodfellow and Bond have taken the hard work out of finding the texts and developing tasks that will engage young people. If your resource centre does not have a copy of this book in their teacher reference section, speak to them, they need at least one copy on site.' - Leanne Caune, GlamAdelaide

'The book is most definitely a valuable resource that will be welcomed by teachers.' - Helen Eddy, ReadPlus

Geoff Goodfellow has been writing and publishing poetry and short prose for over thirty years. He has performed his poetry at schools, jails, colleges, universities, construction sites, factories, rock concerts and literary festivals. Translations of his poems have appeared in Mandarin, Greek, Italian and Spanish. Geoff lives close to the sea in Semaphore, South Australia.

Rebecca Bond is a middle and senior school English teacher with fifteen years of experience. Her passion is to create learning opportunities that are engaging, meaningful and relevant for all English students. Rebecca lives in Brighton, South Australia.
Format Paperback
Size 246 x 189 mm
ISBN 9781743055755
Extent 132 pages
Price: AU$24.95 including GST
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