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A Greek Folk Journey

Travel, Culture and Gastronomy

Terina Armenakis

A Greek Folk Journey
'A Greek Folk Journey is an enticing cultural and gastronomic journey into Greece's past and present. Terina Armenakis takes us beyond the beautiful landscapes and archaeological treasures of Greece to document its rich folkloric history. This book is a must for every visitor who wishes to get to know the heart of Greece and its people.' - Konstantinos Loulis, General Secretary of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism Greece

Greece is famous for its glorious history, archaeological wealth, democracy and contribution to sciences, but it is also a land of rich folk heritage.

A Greek Folk Journey acquaints you with this folk heritage by providing an insight into the abundance of customs, festivals and events to be found in all corners of the country, presented by the month.

Ancient and more recent traditions live on in many of Greece's cities, towns or the smallest of villages, thanks to the dedication of local communities, cultural associations and local authorities. Many of the events have historic or religious backgrounds, others are contests or sporting competitions, including world-famous marathons, sailing regattas and chess tournaments.

Interesting seasonal produce festivals also feature, such as cherry, watermelon, fig, mushroom, olive and wine festivals. Commercial and agricultural fairs, which have a local flavour and where entertainment and delicacies are offered to visitors, are described to entice you.

And if that is not enough, A Greek Folk Journey serves up regional dishes, helping you to savour the flavours of glorious Greece.

'Terina Armenakis takes us on a journey into the heart and soul of the real Greece: the homes, the villages and towns where Hellenic Culture is not only glorified, but lived every day and every season as it has been celebrated for 3000 years. Her book brings us to the essence of Greek life enhanced by the seasonings and flavours of immortal Hellas which harmoniously celebrates the spirit and truly embodies what it means to be Greek. I encourage you to embark on this Odyssean adventure to which Terina invites us, because it's all about Ithaca in the end.' - Father Alexander Karloutsos, Protopresbyter of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
Format Paperback
Size 240 x 220 mm
ISBN 9781743056783
Extent 408 pages
Price: AU$44.95 including GST
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