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The Original Mediterranean Cuisine

Medieval recipes for today

Barbara Santich

The Original Mediterranean Cuisine
Robust, gutsy flavours, sophisticated and subtly spiced sauces, the tang of fresh herbs: this is the original Mediterranean cuisine.

In Sicily you can still find a puree of broad beans essentially the same as eaten by the ancient Greeks and Romans and the same strips of candied zuccata that once would have been offered at a fifteenth-century banquet. The pan-Mediterranean dish of fried fish in a vinegary sauce goes back to the time of Apicius and the Roman Empire.

In The Original Mediterranean Cuisine, you will discover intriguing delights such as ginger and almond sauce, lamb with quinces and Platina's herb salad. Acclaimed culinary historian Barbara Santich tells the story of authentic medieval Mediterranean food, and brings to the table recipes translated and adapted for modern kitchens from fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Italian and Catalan manuscripts.

'The Original Mediterranean Cuisine is a fascinating and intelligent book on a riveting subject. It is packed with gems of information and also provides delicious eating.' - Claudia Roden

'One of the best books yet to appear for cooks with an interest in early (and often distinctly different) recipes.' - Medieval Review

'A gem of a retrospective on food preparation and service during the Middle Ages, The Original Mediterranean Cuisine sparkles with details.' - Choice (USA)

Barbara Santich is Professor Emeritus in the History Department and a culinary historian who initiated post-graduate courses in food history and culture at the University of Adelaide. As a food writer, Barbara has contributed to numerous Australian newspapers and magazines as well as overseas publications, and is the author of multiple books, including the award-winning Bold Palates: Australia's gastronomic heritage.
Format Hardback
Size 230 x 170 mm
ISBN 9781743056424
Extent 224 pages
Price: AU$45.00 including GST
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