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Hometown Haunts

#LoveOzYA horror tales

Poppy Nwosu

Hometown Haunts
One bite of an apple from a family shrine unearths hungry ghosts. A poison garden unfurls a polite boy's deepest, darkest desires. Interfering with an Indigenous burial site unleashes ancestral revenge, to a metal soundtrack. An underground dance party during Covid threatens to turn lethal. And on the edge of a coastal rainforest, a grieving sister waits to witness a mysterious 'unravelling'.

This #LoveOzYA anthology - the first to focus entirely on horror - unites a stellar cast of Australia's finest YA authors with talented new and emerging voices, including two graphic artists.

Contributors are Wai Chim, Sarah Epstein, Alison Evans, Lisa Fuller, Margot McGovern, Poppy Nwosu, Michelle O'Connell, Emma Osborne, Emma Preston, Marianna Shek, Holden Sheppard, Jared Thomas, Vikki Wakefield and Felix Wilkins.

The stories in this wide-ranging collection dig deep and go hard. While some are straight-up terrifying rollercoaster rides, others are psychologically rooted in our society's deepest fears and concerns: acceptance and fitting in, love and loss, desire and temptation, and the terror of a world threatened by catastrophic change ... and even collapse.

From body horror to the supernatural, hauntings to transformations, and the everyday evil of humans to menacing outside forces, Hometown Haunts will have you glued to your chair ... until you leap out of it!

Poppy Nwosu is an author of young adult fiction. She has published three romantic contemporary novels: Making Friends with Alice Dyson (2019), Taking Down Evelyn Tait (2020), and Road Tripping with Pearl Nash (2021), and is the editor of the 2021 Wakefield Press YA anthology Hometown Haunts: #LoveOzYA horror tales (a project supported by an Australia Council for the Arts grant).

Her work has been shortlisted for the Adelaide Festival Unpublished Manuscript Award and the Readings Young Adult Book Prize, and has been awarded the SA Writers Fellowship residency at Varuna Writers House, as well as an Arts SA grant. She has appeared at Adelaide Writers Week and Salisbury Writers Festival, among others. Poppy is based in Adelaide, Australia.

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Format Paperback
Size 210 x 140 mm
ISBN 9781743058640
Extent 256 pages
Price: AU$24.95 including GST
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