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Murder in the Colony

South Australian homicides, 1836-1886

Paul Tucker

Murder in the Colony
When South Australia was first established in December 1836, it was meant to be the perfect colony. Barely six months after proclamation, the state's first murder was recorded.

Murder in the Colony presents the details of all 391 reported murders in South Australia from 1836 to 1886, and is a fascinating account of the proudly free province's dark history, and the implications of bringing English laws to a land already governed by the laws and customs of its original inhabitants. From stabbings to shootings, to shipwreck massacres and the case of Elizabeth Woolcock, the only woman executed for murder in South Australia, Murder in the Colony is a book to enthral, appal and inform readers from far and wide.

Praise for Murder in the Colony

'This book is a fascinating and detailed anthology of virtually all recorded murder trials from the date of the proclamation of South Australia as a colony of 28 December 1836 for the next fifty years. Not only will it enthral those interested in the criminal law and the early history of South Australia, but also general readers of mystery and crime.' - The Honorable Michael David QC

'This well-presented book provides an excellent historical account of murders in colonial South Australia. It has been extremely well researched with fascinating anecdotes and high quality illustrations from a wide variety of sources. It provides a rare insight into life (and death) in the colonies in the early days, and is a must for anyone with an interest in crime, legal, forensic and police history'. - Professor Roger W. Byard, AO, PSM, Marks Chair of Pathology, The University of Adelaide

Paul Tucker was born into a military service family, and in his younger years lived in England, Europe and South-East Asia. His family settled in South Australia in 1973. In 1990 he joined the South Australia Police. In January 2000 Paul was seconded to the Major Crime Investigation Branch (MCIB) to assist in the investigation into the murder of Robert Sabeckis in Maslin Beach. In June 2003 Paul obtained a permanent position at MCIB. During his time there he has attended over 100 suspicious death and murder scenes and has reviewed several cold cases, including the Family Murders. Paul has been awarded the National Police Service Medal, the National Medal, the Australian Defence Medal and the South Australia Police Service Medal. Paul lives with his wife and two adult children in Adelaide, and enjoys four-wheel driving, gardening and South Australian wine.
Format Hardback
Size 234 x 156 mm
ISBN 9781743059036
Extent 638 pages
Price: AU$70.00 including GST
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