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Libby Lawrence is Good at Pretending

Jodi McAlister

Libby Lawrence is Good at Pretending
Nineteen-year-old Libby Lawrence is good at pretending. Problem is, she's not entirely sure how to stop. Which is good for her role in the campus production of Much Ado About Nothing ... but poses problems in her personal life. Especially when the list of things she can't admit to, even to her best friend Ella, starts to build.

Losing her virginity to the too-charming director of her uni theatre group (just before he ran off with the group's money) is only the start. There's also an uncomfortable encounter with her broody on-stage love interest Roarke, and her crackling offstage chemistry with nerdy-but-sweet new director Will.

And while Libby is thrilled to finally be on the inside of the uni theatre group she reveres, there's a downside to being in on all the group chats, drama and backstage gossip. She must discover who she wants to be, who she wants to be with ... and how to stop pretending.

Jodi McAlister's sparkling campus novel is a rom-com about friendship, authenticity, and all the ways we perform ourselves ... and the preciousness of those moments when all artifice falls away. Dramatic and wise, it combines the arch wit and sharp banter of Ten Things I Hate About You and Clueless with a knowing heart.

Praise for Libby Lawrence is Good at Pretending

'The drama of young adulthood is captured adeptly through the cast of characters who comprise Uni Rep and the range of emotions they experience, from grief and misery to the joy and magic of being onstage. Libby Lawrence is Good at Pretending is a powerful novel of a young woman coming of age that will appeal to readers of Poppy Nwosu and Nina Kenwood aged 15 and up.' - Ilona Urquhart, Books & Publishing

Jodi McAlister is an author of young adult fiction, as well as rom-coms for adults. Her YA paranormal romance Valentine trilogy (2017-19) is published by Penguin Teen Australia. Her first adult rom-com, Here For The Right Reasons, will be published by Simon & Schuster in 2022, with its sequel Can I Steal You For A Second? following in 2023. Libby Lawrence is Good at Pretending is her first contemporary romance for young adult audiences.

Jodi is also an academic. She is a Senior Lecturer in Writing, Literature and Culture at Deakin University, where she teaches literary studies and creative writing, and researches romantic love and popular culture. She has written two academic books, The Consummate Virgin: Female Virginity Loss in Anglophone Popular Literatures (Palgrave, 2020) and New Adult Fiction (Cambridge University Press, 2021).

Jodi is based in Melbourne.
Format Paperback
Size 210 x 140 mm
ISBN 9781743059043
Extent 368 pages
Price: AU$24.95 including GST
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