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Kaurna Warrapiipa, Kaurna Dictionary

Kaurna to English, English to Kaurna

Rob Amery, Susie Greenwood, Jasmin Morley

Kaurna Warrapiipa, Kaurna Dictionary
Kaurna to English and English to Kaurna translations give learners quick access and the ability to identify the creative processes used to translate and adapt old words to new for modern day application that is rooted in ancient integrity.

This simple, comprehensive and insightful dictionary is easy to navigate and is grounded with ancient and modern Kaurna voices and robust historical and contemporary sources.

Praise for Kaurna Warrapiipa, Kaurna Dictionary

'The Kaurna Dictionary is a valuable resource for our community to learn and share our language and culture. This book will enable our community to revive their connections to land and each other to respect the past and to further develop the future of our people as a community. It is an encouragement for all people to come together and learn together.' - Alison Denee

'Many warrior Elders past and present walked miles to reclaim our language. This long-yearned-for dictionary is testament to them and an invitation for learners to sit in a Kaurna language camp to learn, share and speak in a way unheard of before.' - Katrina Karlapina Power

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Format Paperback
Size 280 x 210 mm
ISBN 9781743059210
Extent 176 pages
Price: AU$39.95 including GST
Quantity Out of stock