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On Luck Street

Peter Bakowski, Ken Bolton

On Luck Street
On Luck Street builds on The Elsewhere Variations, Nearly Lunch, and Waldo's Game - taking the reader around the corner, and around the world. From a small circus in Nepal, to a florist in New York, and the streets of Coogee and Fitzroy.

Connivers, chancers, charmers - those trapped and those who would break free. To what extent do any of us trust our luck?

Praise for On Luck Street
'True, slyly pithy - and trenchant to the max.' - Millie Dickins

'Pacy, adroit, and lyrically limber.' - Howard Climbing

Tall when necessary, Peter Bakowski has been writing poetry for 41 years. He remains influenced by the following quote, attributed to Robert Frost - 'Make your next poem different from your last.' In 2015 Editions Bruno Doucey of Paris published a bilingual selection of his poetry, titled Le coeur trois heures du matin. Later this decade Editions Bruno Doucey will publish a further bilingual selected, titled La saison du courage. In Australia Recent Work Press published his poetry collection, titled Our Ways on Earth.

Charmless, and 'despondent' despite a seemingly endless run of luck, Ken Bolton managed - with an ineptitude profonde - the Lee Marvin readings, and Dark Horsey, the Experimental Art Foundation's bookshop. In Adelaide, a figure trailing rumour and scandal, and associated, for example, with the louche set surrounding Noah Banens, his recent collections include Starting at Basheer's (Vagabond) and 2022's Fantastic Day (from Puncher & Wattmann). Shearsman (UK) issued a Selected Poems in 2013, replacing an earlier Penguin Selected.

The author's book on Life at Sea - A Pirate Life - was published by Cordite this year.
Format Paperback
Size 234 x 156 mm
ISBN 9781923042049
Extent 110 pages
Price: AU$22.95 including GST
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