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The Whispering Wall

Lethal house, silent witness, talking wall

Patricia Carlon

The Whispering Wall
'You'd better get used to corpses, Val,' - the wall hummed with the brutality of that assured voice - 'if we're going to turn your stepfather into one.'

Laid out like a fish on a slab, Sarah listens as the walls whisper their deadly plans. The house is full of watchers; even the furniture has malevolent eyes. The nurse watches over Sarah, Rose watches out for Sarah, Gwenyth watches the house, the Phippses spy and plot ...

The Wakefield Crime Classics series revives forgotten or neglected gems of crime and mystery fiction by Australian authors. Many of the writers have established international reputations but are little known in Australia.

Praise for The Whispering Wall
'The Wakefield Crime Classics series is marvellous ... a wonderful collection of writing that should not have been overlooked in this country in the first place.' - Terry O'Connor, Courier Mail
Format Paperback
Other information
Size 200 x 130 mm
ISBN 9781862542808
Extent 216 pages
Price: AU$19.95 including GST
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