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Wine, Terroir and Climate Change

John Gladstones

Wine, Terroir and Climate Change
This book is a scientific analysis of the soil and climatic factors affecting wine grape production, and thus, ultimately, wine itself. It provides a reasoned basis for the term 'terroir', and critically examines the science of climate change and how it could affect viticulture and winemaking. Dr John Gladstones is an internationally recognised authority on climate and viticulture, and among other achievements was instrumental in the establishment of the Margaret River wine district in Western Australia.

Inducted into the Gourmand Wine Books Hall of Fame, 2011

Praise for Wine, Terroir and Climate Change
'For anyone interested in the future interaction between climate, climate change and viticulture, this book simply has to be read. Dr John Gladstones's painstaking research is the foundation for his equally carefully constructed conclusions that robustly challenge mainstream opinions.' - James Halliday

'Just when I thought I had it all sorted after 18 years of travelling with Viticulture and Environment and giving a copy to all of my friends, the grand old renaissance man of viticulture has produced Wine, Terroir and Climate Change. Not only do I have to buy a whole new set of his books to give away, I have to rethink my long term viticultural strategy of defence against climate change in the much more comfortable logic he presents of the resilience of terroir. John Gladstones's intricately researched understanding of climate mechanisms and history, geology, soil and biology has created a welcome antidote to climate hysteria.' - Brian Croser

'This is the eagerly anticipated successor to Viticulture and Environment - and it does not disappoint. After a prodigious amount of research, Dr Gladstones has delivered a thought-provoking mixture of science, history and inspired deduction in this masterful work. Without any doubt, his views on the causes of climate change are controversial - and I look forward to the debate that will inevitably ensue.' - Peter Dry

'Among the biggest experts of terroir, Dr John Gladstones from Australia is the giant.' - Gourmand Magazine

'John Gladstones offers the reader a better understanding of what constitutes the best terroir for growing grapes and how to identify the best ... potential for wine quality with affordable production cost throughout the world.' - Gourmand Magazine

'Optimistic conclusions on the subject that is the number one long term worry of wine, based upon much research and analysis.' - Gourmand Awards

John Gladstones is a leading Australian agricultural scientist, with a distinguished record in the breeding, agronomy and botany of crop and pasture legumes that has earned him many scientific and community awards, including Member of the Order of Australia (AM). His pioneering work in viticulture led to the establishment of Margaret River as a premium wineproducing region. His earlier book Viticulture and Environment (1992) was awarded ‘Special Distinction in Viticulture’ by the Office International de la Vigne et du Vin, Paris. He lives in Perth with his family.

An Appreciation of the book by James Halliday

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Format Paperback
Size 235 x 160 mm
ISBN 9781862549241
Extent 288 pages
Price: AU$59.95 including GST
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