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The Adelaide Park Lands

A social history

Patricia Sumerling

The Adelaide Park Lands
Adelaide's Park Lands, the city's greatest asset, have long been home to large events, as well as numberless small, private encounters. Until now, no book has been published to document this wealth of social activity.

In The Adelaide Park Lands, Patricia Sumerling recounts tales both enchanting and bizarre from the time of earliest European settlement until present days. Where crowds once thronged for a public execution, or to see Blondin, the tightrope walker of Niagara Falls fame, now thousands gather for car races and cultural festivals. Adelaideans play sport in the Park Lands, get married, enjoy picnics, and meet for secret assignations. Many simply seek tranquil retreat in the Park Lands - although, as Patricia Sumerling shows, controversy has been never far away.

Hundreds of images, archival and modern, illuminate the stories Patricia has to tell.

Praise for The Adelaide Park Lands
'A book to have and to hold.' - Australian Book Review

'The book is well illustrated with many evocative and significant images.' - Trevor Nottle, Journal of the Australian Garden History Society

'Handsomely produced, with full colour images throughout, The Adelaide Park Lands makes a stimulating contribution to the social history of Adelaide and is an attractive and instructive browse for the casual reader.' - Peter Stanley, Reviews in Australian Studies

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Patricia Sumerling receives her award as South Australia's 2013 Historian of the Year from Governor Rear-Admiral Kevin Scarce.
Format Hardback
Size 250 x 210 mm
ISBN 9781862549142
Extent 304 pages
Price: AU$39.95 including GST
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