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Waltzing with Jack Dancer

A slow dance with cancer

Geoff Goodfellow, Grace Goodfellow, Randy Larcombe

Waltzing with Jack Dancer
'Geoff Goodfellow is one of those rare people who says what he thinks, usually with a few expletives added. When he learned he had cancer, he told the disease what he thought of it and, like a boxer, prepared himself for the fight ahead. Yet Geoff is also a sensitive man whose poems tap into the emotions unleashed by a close encounter with death. Randy Larcombe's photographs are a perfect match. They are brutally honest about the impact of cancer and the treatment of it, and at the same time they are deeply moving because they reveal the human frailty of this proud man.' - Roy Eccleston

'I have admired tough nut Geoff Goodfellow's work in both the building and poetry caper from a careful distance for years. No matter what he pulls out when he opens his tool box, whether it's an HB pencil and a blank sheet of paper, or a claw hammer and spirit level, you know they will be put to good use. Whenever Geoff starts banging away it is always worth a good hard look. Have a read of "The Seventh Doctor", it's a cracker. - H.G. Nelson

'Cancer is an experience that should be avoided. Those unlucky enough to be affected expect the best of care, for their cancer and for themselves, as people. These poems recount a journey through one man's experience of cancer and its care. I recommend it to all patients, families and friends of those who have similiar experiences. In particular I recommend it to all those who care for those with cancer - giving time, humility and a holistic approach is essential for the best of care.' - Guy Rees MBBS FRCS FRACS

'Grace Goodfellow's wise, funny, sad story about her father's journey with cancer will move you deeply, unless you are carved from ice. I recommend it highly.' - Brigid Lowry

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Format Hardback
Size 230 x 170 mm
ISBN 9781862549616
Extent 144 pages
Price: AU$49.95 including GST
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