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Exploring Wild Law

The philosophy of earth jurisprudence

Peter Burdon

Exploring Wild Law
Wild law is a groundbreaking approach to law that stresses human dependence on nature. For the first time, this volume brings together voices from the leading proponents of wild law around the world. It introduces readers to the idea of wild law and considers its relationship to environmental law, the rights of nature, science, religion, property law and international governance.

Praise for Exploring Wild Law:
'Wild law is a gathering force beginning to sweep around the world. This excellent compendium is a must for all those who wish to practise it.' - James Thornton, CEO ClientEarth

'These essays collectively advocate a new legal paradigm of "Earth Jurisprudence", based on recognition of the connections and continuity between our legal systems and the Earth system. The various, expert contributors offer a rich, informed and transformational perspective that builds on past jurisprudence in the form of natural law and embodies more recent conceptions such as deep ecology and bioregionalism. The fundamental and compelling message is, to quote the editor, Peter Burdon, that "we must question the values and legitimacy of any law that surpasses the ecological limits of the environment to satisfy the needs of one species". This is a most timely and compelling volume, given the urgency of the threats posed to humanity by climate change, loss of biodiversity and ongoing economic and population growth. Its message is of universal importance and will hopefully be received and absorbed by policy-makers around the globe.' - Professor Rob Fowler, Chair, IUCN Academy of Environmental Law

'This work, Exploring Wild Law, breaks new ground in the field of Earth Jurisprudence. Such a perspective is sorely needed for responding to multiple environ-mental issues from a legal perspective. We are immensely grateful to Peter Burdon for his important efforts in compiling this timely book.' - Mary Evelyn Tucker, Yale University, Forum on Religion and Ecology

'This book is a wonderfully diverse bouquet of perspectives on wild law that will delight anyone who is interested in creating communities and societies that flourish in harmony with Nature. By drawing the varied insights and perspectives of leading thinkers and activists from around the world together in a single volume, Peter Burdon has created a multi-dimensional and nuanced understanding of wild law and Earth jurisprudence. This is a book that Earth-loving people will be reading and re-reading for many years to come.' - Cormac Cullinan, Enact International and author of Wild Law: A Manifesto for Earth Justice

'Exploring Wild Law is multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary, both practical and wildly innovative. This complex, multi-vocal work contributes elegantly to a growing chorus of scholars, activists and artists who are singing up visionary and pragmatic forms of morethan-human conviviality here on planet Earth.' - Professor Deborah Bird Rose, author of Reports from a Wild Country: Ethics for Decolonisation

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Format Paperback
Size 235 x 160 mm
ISBN 9781862549463
Extent 368 pages
Price: AU$39.95 including GST
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