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Outside the Magic Square

A handbook for food security

Lolo Houbein

Outside the Magic Square
lt has never been more important to embrace sustainability. ln the next four decades, we will need as much food as during the last 500 years.

Outside the Magic Square considers issues of food security and offers solutions at the street, neighbourhood and global levels. Mixing gardening advice and food plot design with discussion of pressing issues like global warming, dwindling oil supplies, the future for farmers and GM foods, Lolo Houbein challenges us to mobilise for food security.

Praise for Outside the Magic Square:
'Put down the KNIFE! Back away from the kitchen, and pick up this book. If we don't change the way we look at food, many will get hurt. Understanding the complexity of the issues surrounding food security is going to scare you: understanding what you can do about it is right here in this book. It is an insightful, informed and practical survival guide for our eating future.' - Simon Bryant

'I dare anyone who reads it NOT to want to get their hands in the dirt immediately ... I found the book both timely and encouraging. One of the best and most positive on the subject I've come across.' - Lucinda Dodds, Nourish Me blog

'Youíll be very sorry if you donít purchase this book!' - Heather Stone, Bonzer July 2012

Food security - and the absence of it - has been Lolo Houbein's lifelong preoccupation. She regarded every garden where she messed around with plants as a farm to feed her household. Her previous book, One Magic Square: Grow Your Own Food on One Square Metre, won a Gourmand Award in 2009 and made the short list for Le Cordon Bleu Best Food Book in 2010, and has been published in North America, New Zealand and South Africa.

Lolo Houbein's great-great-grandfather was a market gardener in North-West Frisia, passing a gardening gene down the generations. Lasting influences were her Uncle Wim's small farm and the famine of 1944-1945 in Western Holland, which she barely survived. She came to Australia in 1958 to escape the Cold War.

Lolo had her formal education at the universities of Adelaide and Papua New Guinea and Adelaide Teachers College, in the literatures of Australia, Papua New Guinea, the Pacific and Africa, classical studies, world religions and anthropology. Her novel Walk A Barefoot Road was awarded the Bicentennial/ABC Fiction Award and her autobiography Wrong Face in the Mirror the Dirk Hartog Literary Award.

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Format Paperback
Size 200 x 200 mm
ISBN 9781743050118
Extent 408 pages
Price: AU$45.00 including GST
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