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Karrawirra Parri

Walking the Torrens from source to sea

Mike Ladd, Cathy Brooks

Karrawirra Parri
The sun warms the right side of my face. Monarch butterflies, with their stained-glass wings of black and white and brown, mate in the air above me. Soursobs and Salvation Jane are flowering on the shale outcrops. The stream is an always-superb composition of chance; smooth water and riffles, crimson heath by pale green rock, the beauty of the un-modelled.

In 2007, Mike Ladd walked the River Torrens from its source to the sea, taking notes as he travelled. First appearing as a popular series of articles in the Adelaide Review accompanied by photographs by Cathy Brooks, Karrawirra Parri is a beguiling social and natural history of the river, and a delightful meditation on literature and walking.

Praise for Karrawirri Parri:
'I loved this book for its many facets and for the beauty of its poetry and poetic prose. I give it a five star recommendation.' – Ian Lipke, M/C Reviews

'A richly detailed story of one man's walk through an area we all know about, but do not really know.' – Fran Knight, ReadPlus

'His love of poetry shines out on every page ... This is a gentle, leisurely book ... a social and natural history of the river, as well as a collection of personal observations along the way ... A gem of a book.' – Robert Willson, Canberra Times

'Wakefield Press, and particularly Mark Thomas, should be congratulated for the quality of the book’s design and production. Its paper stock presents Cathy Brooks’ numerous photographs well, which is sadly not always true when images are included in books. While that can be an understandable budget decision, the pictures are critical to the book, as Ladd’s words converse with them so directly, and they are served well. On every non-photo spread, each with generous margins, there is a graphic image of a watercourse snaking across one side. The overall effect is of a pleasant unity of purpose.' – InDaily

At the age of seventeen, Mike Ladd began reading his poetry at Adelaide’s renowned Friendly Street and his poems started appearing in local and national publications. His first book The Crack in the Crib was published in 1984 followed by eight collections of poetry and prose.
Mike was the editor of ABC Radio National’s highly respected Poetica, which ran for eighteen years. He currently works for Radio National’s features and documentary unit, and he and his partner Cathy Brooks have been running projects that put poems on street signs as public art. Mike is a poetry mentor, judge, and also a reviewer for the Sydney Morning Herald. Over the past two decades he has given poetry workshops and masterclasses in every state and territory of Australia.
Mike Ladd lives in Adelaide.

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Format Paperback
Size 210 x 140 mm
ISBN 9781743050194
Extent 132 pages
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