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Women's Contemporary Literature Package

Women's Contemporary Literature Package 
In End of the Night Girl, Molly, a sassy Australian waitress is haunted by the ghost of a murdered Polish Jew. Soon the two women's stories combine teasingly, exploring shadows cast by the Holocaust across decades, continents and cultures. Memoirs of a Suburban Girl takes us back to 1979 when a teenage girl is charmed by a man she meets in a disco - before long she tumbles into a world of strange and frightening characters. In Black Dust Dancing, something is wrong with Heidi's son, but she is young and experienced and doesn't know where to get help ... soon she discovers that the place she loves is making her child sick. These three novels are a testament to the quality of contemporary Australian women writers.
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End of the Night Girl

Regular Price: AU$24.95

Memoirs of a Suburban Girl

Regular Price: AU$24.95

Black Dust Dancing

Regular Price: AU$19.95