POETRY SPOTLIGHT: ‘Marta Saulnier’ by Peter Bakowski and Ken Bolton

Poetry Spotlight: Nearly Lunch

Our spotlight shines on a new poetry collection by Peter Bakowski and Ken Bolton, Nearly Lunch.

Fresh off the press, Nearly Lunch is another collaboration from these two poets, after their previous Elsewhere Variations (also published by Wakefield Press), which is a companion volume.

Post written by Poppy Nwosu

Peter Bakowski and Ken Bolton’s new poetry collection reads almost like a series of  breezy short stories laid out as poems. With a light touch and a zingy voice, they offer a brief window and insight into a multitude of different lives and experiences, both in Australia and overseas.

'Victor Flaxmann, Heat Surgeon', from Nearly Lunch


To celebrate the launch of the book, here’s a sneak peek into the pages:

'Marta Sulnier', from Nearly Lunch

'Marta Sulnier', from Nearly Lunch

Nearly Lunch was launched on Wednesday of this week by Kevin Rooney, Slothmeister, Man of Books, and ‘layabout flaneur’ (what a title!). The event was a roaring success, mainly thanks to our friends at No Wave Poetry and the Wheatsheaf Hotel, who each supported the launch.

Dom Symes, Olivia de Zilva, and the rest of the No Wave team host a monthly poetry event at the Wheaty. Find out more about their upcoming events over on Twitter.

Many thanks to Kevin Rooney for his wonderful words on the evening. Keep an eye on the blog over the next few weeks – we’ll soon publish his launch speech on the blog. Here he is in action on the evening!

Kevin Rooney launches Nearly Lunch


Peter Bakowski has been writing poetry for 38 years. He remains influenced by the following quote, attributed to Robert Frost – ‘Make your next poem different from your last.’
In 2015 Editions Bruno Doucey of Paris, published a bilingual selection of his poetry, titled Le coeur a trois heures du matin. Later this decade Editions Bruno Doucey will publish a further bilingual selected, titled La saison du courage. In Australia in 2022 Recent Work Press will publish his next solo poetry collection, titled Human News.

Ken Bolton lives in Adelaide where for a long time he ran the Experimental Art Foundation’s Dark Horsey bookshop and the Lee Marvin readings. Recent collections include Starting at Basheer’s (Vagabond) and 2020’s Salute (from Puncher and Wattmann). Shearsman (UK) issued his Selected Poems in 2013, replacing an earlier Selected Poems published by Penguin.

Discover their new book Nearly Lunch, or check out its companion volume, Elsewhere Variations (also published by Wakefield Press).

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  1. This is exciting to read about, and I’m also excited that Peter Bakowski is planning to come to South Australia at the end of August (if Covid allows it)! He is going to be the Guest presenter at the Gawler Poets at the Pub event, running a workshop, and then being the Guest Poet for the poetry reading that follows, fun times. If, as I wrote, Covid allows …

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