New poem from Geoff Goodfellow

One of the coolest things about the Wakefield community is that we get to see the latest that our bright and busy authors are producing – and then we can share it with you! This time we have new work from Geoff Goodfellow, who is in fine form this early (drizzly) spring, with a new poem musing on fashion trends in his beloved Semaphore.

Just a little something to get you through your Monday. Enjoy!


This Is Not a One-Way Street by Geoff Goodfellow


Semaphore spring fashions, 2016, by Geoff Goodfellow and Anthony


For more of Geoff Goodfellow’s musings on the wonder of Semaphore, you can purchase his selected poems here.

Wednesday links

The Wednesday links are in, kids!

Have you checked the news today? Because we’re getting excited about all of this Harper Lee business. Time to rewatch Gregory Peck in the movie version <swoon!>.

Also, ever wondered what kind of feedback James Joyce would have got from his creative writing class on his Ulysses?
McSweeney’s have too!

Balked a bit at some of Molly’s “sexier” thoughts, which read like male fantasy. You can do better than this, Jim.

Ah, glory.


And, last but not least, we have not one or two but SEVEN launches coming up in March. Yes, we’re exhausted already. Yes, we’ll be sending you those details soon. In the meanwhile, y’all better come to our Geoff Goodfellow event next Saturday!


With kisses from WP HQ

Poetry update

Hey-o! Today’s the day of the poets!

1 – You should all come down to Wakefield Press at 4 pm on Saturday 14 February to celebrate one of this state’s premier poets, the inimitable Geoff Goodfellow. There’ll be wine, a giant poster unveiling (!), and I’m pretty sure Geoff can be convinced to give a reading or two —

<em>Opening the Windows to Catch the Sea Breeze<em> event

Ever read ‘The Seventh Doctor’? Yeah, of course you have. (If you haven’t, prepare to weep.)


2 – Jill Jones, author of the amazing Dark Bright Doors, has won the Victorian Premier’s Poetry Award!
Jill’s latest book, The Beautiful Anxiety (Puncher & Wattman $25) has been described as ‘an invigorating and unsettling mix of materialist and speculative writing on the interconnectedness of life amidst the environmental and cultural turmoil of the 21st century’.
Read more about the winners here, and buy a copy of the gorgeous Dark Bright Doors here.


3 – Maybe not quite poetry, or news, but I feel like y’all have been so well behaved that you deserve some Jackson Browne for your Thursday afternoon:


You’re welcome.