Wednesday links!

Too many things to share with you all!

First of all, look at this beautiful book:

<em>Every Time You Close Your Eyes<em>













The latest from the incredibly talented Bel Schenk, Every Time You Close Your Eyes is set during a power outage in New York in the seventies. It’s an amazing one-sit read. Buy here!

Secondly, are creative courses killing Western literature? Horace Engdahl seems to be making the case that grants are softening our authors up too much. What do you guys think?

Thirdly, the gorgeously dorky kids at Porter Square Books in the US have put together a list of 12 awkward bookseller moments. Yes. I know what they’re talking about. For all of them.

AND the always awesome Junkee crew have put together a list of eight places to go in Adelaide to soak up our arts scene. Good start, kids, but there are so many more! What about Dark Horsey Bookshop? The Jam Factory? Mercury Cinema? Those are all within ten metres of each other! The Mill, E for Ethel, Hillbilly Hoot, and – oh, I don’t know – the whole damn city during any of our numerous festivals.

Hot damn, Adelaide. You do good for a little guy!

Last, but certainly not least, we have some Edwyn Collins, courtesy of editor/typesetter/designer extraordinaire Michael Deves. Anyone remember the scene from Empire Records? That movie turns 20 next year.

And, just like that, I’m old.

Happy Wednesday!